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Martin the cat has been the only pet in the family for 3 years. He was loved, well fed and cared for. However suddenly, on New Year's Eve, Kesha the budgie was brought into the house, and Martin became worried. All day long, the cat sat by Kesha's cage and tried to get the bird with his paw. It was obvious that the cat was jealous of its owners for the new tenant.
Martin couldn't accept that he wasn't the only favorite anymore. And Kesha was very smart and brave. He tried to find a common language with the cat, as if he understood that it was necessary to live together. And so, a few months later, the cat and the parrot finally became friends.
They even began to play with each other, of course, under the supervision of their owners. When Martin the cat got bored, he meowed loudly and called Kesha, and Kesha flew to the call.
Many will say that this is impossible, but it turns out that parrots are able to fly to the voice, land on the shoulder or on the arm. These birds are trainable and can perform simple tricks. And thanks to flexible intelligence, they are easy to learn.
Kesha and Martin could play ping-pong ball. They chased a ball around the room and threw it to each other. And a year later, the parrot sat on the cat's back and brazenly rode Martin around the apartment.
But one summer someone forgot to close the window, and the parrot accidentally flew out into the street. Terrified, he got lost and couldn't find his window, which was on the 15th floor of a high-rise.
Until the evening, the owners searched for Kesha in the yard, called him, but in vain. Martin the cat couldn't find a place for himself all night, as if he felt that Kesha was in trouble, didn't sleep and was longing…
And in the morning, as soon as the sun shone on the roofs, the cat began to meow loudly. For several hours, he has sat on the window and called his friend under that very window pane. And a miracle happened!
Kesha flew to Martin's call, sat on the edge of the window, dusted himself off, assessed the situation and flew into the room.
There was no bounds of everyone's joy... That's how the cat saved the parrot.

the cat and the parrot



In a small, abandoned village lived a lonely old woman and she was 100 years old.
Autumn has come. All the indigenous inhabitants of this area died long ago, and their children and grandchildren dispersed to different cities.
It so happened that the old lady was left alone and lived out her life in the company of a big red cat…
The cat was very fond of the hostess and always purred cat songs to her when she stroked him behind the ear or scratched his paws.
But time passed. Yellow and red leaves fell outside the window like days, one after another... One evening, Death came for the old woman and said: “Pack your belongings, grandma, it's time to go on the road”.
The old woman slowly put everything she had prepared for her funeral into a linen bag…
She hung this bag over her shoulders, and took her red—haired beloved cat in her arms and said:
- “Well, Death, we are ready! Let's go if you insist. My autumn has already faded...”
"You can't take a cat with you," Death replied sternly, casually glancing at the old woman.
— “Are you out of your mind, Death, who am I going to left my red cat on? The village is completely empty, and winter is coming soon”, the old woman pleaded.
— “Aren't you tired of life and don't you want to get to heaven faster? Paradise has everything you wanted, and most importantly, there is no loneliness. Drop the cat!” Death insisted.
— “I won't! He will starve and suffer here all alone. Take us both away!” — the old woman begged.
— “Well, if you don't want to go to heaven, do whatever you want!” Death got angry and ran out of the house, slamming the door.
An hour passed, then one more, and Death did not return. The red-haired cat and the old woman were sitting on the bed and did not know what to do.
The next day, Death did not appear either. Only strange, vague memories remained from meeting her.
The cat and the old woman decided that death was offended by them, and continued to quietly run the household.
The amazing thing is that this story is not over yet. The old woman, who did not want to leave her pet, is 107 years old today.
She still lives with a fluffy pet in a small village… Apparently, Death had forgotten about her.
And the red cat is already 22 and, in cat terms, he is a long–liver.

The old lady and the cat



This incident happened 10 years ago, on November 1st. A disheveled, frightened, homeless black cat with gray stripes ran to the neighbors in the country.
He was rushing around the neighbor's plot, spinning round like a top, growling and banging against the outer walls of the barn.
The neighbors were seriously scared. They decided that the cat had rabies, and they came to us for consulting about what to do.
They wanted to call the rescue service. After all, then, in late autumn, their grandchildren were staying with them…
We did not stay away and became unwitting witnesses of a wonderful story.
How the cat ran into a neighbor's country plot surrounded by a chain-link fence remains a mystery, but the animal was clearly on the verge of a nervous breakdown.
Covered in tangles and burrs, dirty, but big, 6-7 kilograms.
Rushing through the dug-up beds, the cat made strange noises and loudly ding-ding when he turned his head.
It was also not clear to us what was going on with the cat, but after looking closely, we noticed an iron bell on his neck.
You know, in Russia, these bells are usually gifted to school graduates on the Last School bell.
After a little thought and googling, I assumed the following: on October 31, some people celebrate Halloween.
A black cat with a bell around its neck is one of the symbols of this holiday and on this day drives away evil spirits from the house.
It turned out that the cat with the bell had been running and ringing for two days.
We decided that this was the reason for his strange behavior.
It was unsafe to approach an aggressive cat, but we managed to cover it with a baby blanket, and then carefully cut off the bell with scissors.
The cat, realizing that he was freed from the intrusive sound, lay down on his stomach and exhaled loudly.
So he lay on the ground for 15 minutes, and then suddenly began to thank us and rub against our legs.
The neighbors were glad that the situation was resolved so simply. They didn't chase the cat away, but took it for themselves.
They washed and combed him… It turned out that this is a Siberian semi-long-haired cat of a black marble color.
They give him the name Pumpkin, and for 10 years, he has been living with our neighbors.




In one Siberian city, in a very ordinary one-room apartment, there lived a man, and he had a cat named Musya.
The man took this little striped beast for himself as a kitten.
More precisely, he saved her by removing her from a tree because he worked as a lifeguard.
Musya and her rescuer became good friends. The tabby cat literally fell in love with its owner.
She followed him around and met him from work. She was devoted to him and always listened to everything he said.
The man also adored Musya. He bought her balls, toys and fed her from the belly.
If the lifeguard needed to leave for a few days, he always asked the neighbor to look after the pet.
But one day the man did not return from work. He died saving the lives of others…
The neighbor, without thinking twice, gave Musya to the shelter. And there the cat was put in a cage.
Musya fought back and even bit the bars. She hissed at everyone and didn't eat anything.
As the days passed, the cat lost a lot of weight from longing. She did not allow anyone to stroke her and showed aggression.
In this regard, no one wanted to deal with a cat with serious behavior problems.
And as you know, if an animal in a shelter does not find new owners for a long time, it is not kept there forever…
But either Musya was born under a lucky star, or she met a happy coincidence, but suddenly everything changed:
One day, a woman-zoopsychologist came into the shelter.
She glanced at the emaciated Musya and asked, “What's wrong with her? Sick of what?”
— “The owner is dead, and the cat is wild. She is attacking everyone,” the shelter worker replied.
"Look, the cat doesn't understand why she's here. She probably thought she'd been abandoned," assumed the zoopsychologist.
She went up to Musa, opened the cage and began talking to her, explaining what and how has happened… Musya listened attentively.
Then she thought for a minute and somehow howled heart-rendingly, as if in great pain. And the woman saw that the cat was incredibly smart.
As a result, after a few days, the zoopsychologist took Musya for herself. Now they live together, and everything is fine with them.


Cardinal Richelieu had about 20 cats of various breeds. One of his favorites is considered to be the white kitty Miriam.
When Richelieu was ill, this cat lay on the bed with him, and the cardinal recovered very quickly.
Ambassadors of different states, knowing the cardinal's love for kitties, brought them to him as a gift.
Thus, Richelieu contributed to the appearance of all kinds of cat breeds in France: Persian, British, Angora…
During his reign, the cardinal stopped the public burning of cats at the stake of the Inquisition.
He bequeathed a lifetime allowance for his pets. But the courtiers did not fulfill the cardinal's last wish…
After Richelieu's death, all his cats were burned... and in the 17th century, the burning of cats continued.
French kings often attended the executions of kitties and even lit bonfires themselves. All this lasted until the beginning of the 19th century...


a cat named Musya



"If a kitty obediently poses for you when you take his picture, it means it has found a logical explanation - why does it want to do it. Many cats and kitties are very photogenic and enjoy looking at their best photos".

"Loving cats do not come into our lives by chance. They bring warmth and joy with them, because they reciprocate our feelings and tenderly respond to them".

"The happy moments in life that you cherish most cannot be bought or returned. In the same way, your beloved kitties, like the best things in the world, are priceless".

"Those who absolutely do not know cats say that they are not amenable to training, but no... If you train yourself first and show an example, then nothing is impossible".

"If a cat has chosen you, then try not to deceive its expectations, because it has found in you a soul mate on this Earth"...

"If you've called the cat and it hasn't shown up, it means there's not a proper rapport between you... or maybe the cat is too busy right now"...

"If someone is loved by cats, they have a kind soul, an open heart, pure thoughts and a unique ability to give warmth, care, wholesome goodies and coziness".

"Don't choose your cat by color. It may be black, and in the darkness you will not see your happiness. It may be gray, and luck will slip away like a shadow. It may be white, and the warmth of relationships will be swept with snow. It may be ginger, but the bright of the Sun will blind you... Look for the cat at the call of your heart".

"A little fluffy kitten will grow up to be everything to you: it will be your happiness because it will give you love. It will be your kindness because it will teach you to care. It will be your friend because there will always be someone you can confide in. It will be your warmth because it will keep you warm in winter. It will be your light because it will light up hope. It will be your Life, because you will walk the same path. It will be your joy, because it is joy"...

"If a cat is choosing fish rather than meat, then today is a fish day. If a cat is choosing meat rather than fish, then the fish is not tasty enough".

"If you make rules for a cat, it will break them and offer you its own. If you break its rules, the cat will explain to you clearly why you should not do so".

"Keep your promises to cats, because cats follow your example. They repeat your mistakes, but they represent your virtues. If a cat doesn't respond to a call, it means you've done the same thing to it. If a cat bites, it means you are insolent. If a cat hides, it means it is playing hide and seek"...

"If you think that cats don't understand you, then think about whether you understand cats. Purring fuzzies also want to be loving and loved"…

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